Modular Walls 

Hygenic Customizable Environments

Our EASE Modular Walls are made of steel or glass, with a variety of colors and design options to give a prestigious look and high-tech atmosphere typically associated with modern OR design. With over 200 graphic motifs, we are sure to find one that fits your facility.




Productivity and Flexibility of Installation and Maintenance
Reduced installation time, clean and quiet work ensures minimum interference with adjacent rooms, quick maintenance eliminating department shutdown, and “future proof” flexibility in case of specification or regulation change.
Rounded corners allow nowhere for bacteria to hide, flush surfaces increase efficiency for cleaning the room, and optional powder coating increases the ability to fight off infectious elements.
Ability to accommodate easy access panels for utilities.

EASE Modular Wall System

Take a walk through the simplicity of our design and install process. 

EASE Modular Doors

Our EASE Modular Doors come in a variety of different options and applications. They offer a touchless option making entry and exit easy for patients and staff. The doors can be sliding or hinged and can be automatic or manual.


EASE Modular Windows

Our EASE Modular Windows are designed to fit a variety of spaces, flush-mounted within our modular walls or any existing space. The optional electronic privacy feature allows staff to easily control the privacy of a room while keeping the aesthetic appeal of doors and windows. EASE windows are also available with electronic blinds and radiological protection. There are no visible openings making it easy to clean.


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