Bringing Clear and Precise Images to Every Procedure

Skytron’s flat-screen displays will bring clarity and accuracy to every procedure. Each of our displays is designed to deliver high image resolution and quick video response times, and provide the surgical team the ability to perform each procedure with precision.

Optik View 











Engineered for Sterile Environments
Optik View Displays are constructed with AR protective glass, IPX1 liquid resistance, and no fan.
Accommodates Many Source Types
With their broad compatibility, the displays will work with almost any type of source and can accommodate DVI, HDMI, VGA, RGBS, 3G-SDI, Display Port, BNC, S-Video, and Composite source types.
Various Size Configurations are Available
Optik View's slim design will fit effortlessly into any surgical space.

Foreseeson Displays

Skytron is pleased to offer a full line of high-definition, flat-screen displays from Foreseeson. The displays are uniquely designed to deliver strikingly clear images from medical video equipment or PACS while maximizing valuable OR space.

Each Foreseeson display achieves superior clarity with the Accurate Color Reproduction feature. The displays have the unique ability to precisely capture the color spectrum, allowing the surgical team to view images in their exact color. Fine-tune adjustments can easily be made so that clinical preferences can always be accommodated.

The Foreseeson displays also offer flexible visualization options. Picture-in-Picture and Picture-by-Picture formats are available in addition to zoom, swap, pan, OSD lock, and freeze functions. Each display option is simply selectable via the keypad on the front panel, making the Foreseeson display a flexible and easy-to-use solution for the OR.


EIZO Displays

Fully Flat Design for Safety and Hygiene
Rounded corners and front screen with fully flat protective glass for defense against foreign materials.
Comfortably View from Any Angle
Viewing angle of 178 degrees so images can be viewed in many directions with minimal changes in contrast.
Wide Versatility
EIZO displays support a variety of video input/ output signals for connecting to various types of modality equipment.

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