Video Integration

Managing the complex array of technologies within the operating room is crucial to delivering patient care and ensuring positive surgical outcomes. SkyVision video integration systems work alongside staff to improve surgical workflow, leveraging technology for high-performance and efficiency.

SkyVision Ascend

The Ascend native 4k video integration system works alongside staff to improve surgical workflow and keeping you prepared for future advancements in technology.

Future Proof
Technology is constantly advancing, Ascend is designed to live up to those progressions like 8K Video Signals.
Flexible Installation
Flexibility to place the unit in or outside of the operating room with Ascend’s small footprint
Vendor Neutral
Vendor Neutral design provides freedom to choose the video and imaging vendor for each surgical team


SkyVision LINX 300

SkyVision Linx 300

Two-touch fingertip control helps you manage OR technologies with ease:

  • Integrated content management system organizes and stores visual clinical data, facilitating workflow and documentation
  • An on-board uninterrupted power supply provides backup until emergency generators are online
  • The compact rack allows for placement within the OR or at a remote location - freeing up valuable floor space
  • Fully fiber optic cabling carries more information over greater distances without compromising quality and accommodates current and future technologies
  • The medical-grade touchscreen is completely sealed to fluids and easy to clean, reducing the risk of contamination

Rest assured that the SkyVision LINX 300 system is intuitive to operate, compatible with virtually any source, and is supported 24/7 by a team of technical experts!



SkyVision SVIS-CAST Capture, Archive and Communication System

SVIS-CAST Capture, Archive and Communication System

Efficiently handling visual data is a necessity both during and after a procedure to ensure positive surgical outcomes. Simplify processes and supplement existing surgical workflows with the SVIS-CAST video capture and streaming system.

  • Capture and record. Capture still images and video, and automatically connect to central storage and archive.
  • Live collaboration. Communicate outside the OR with live multi-directional conference ability.
  • Medical content management. Create, edit, annotate and bookmark video clips and images to compile a library of cases for training, review, and analysis.
  • Structured clinical reporting. Build visual reports with images, diagrams, audio, and text, and configure templates to the case or procedure type.


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